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Kansas’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

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Kansas’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

It is always fascinating to see what baby names trend each year. While the national baby name list provides exciting insights into cultural trends, examining state baby name lists is just as fascinating. These lists sometimes reveal local preferences and traditions when distinctive names not on the national lists pop up. Furthermore, looking at state data may provide clues to broader naming trends. Before we dive into the baby name lists for the state of Kansas, here are the most popular baby names in the United States in 2023.

Table of the most popular baby names in the United States in 2023

Now, we are ready to examine the most popular baby names in Kansas. We will look at the broader trends and then take a closer look at the origins and meanings of each baby name.

Kansas's Top Baby Names for 2023: Overview

Most of the names on Kansas's 2023 baby name list reflect national first-name trends. However, there are three names unique to Kansas this year. Eleanor, a feminine name meaning “shining light,” appears at number five this year. Last year, it was number eight in Kansas. Nationally, it barely makes the top 100 girl names, so this is a popular regional name.

On the list for boys, two unique names make an appearance. First, Wyatt shows up at number seven. It was number eight the previous year. Interestingly, the name has yet to appear in the top 100 boys' names in many years. Ranking at 123 on the national list, Wyatt is a popular regional choice that may reflect the state's Western history.

Wyatt Earp, a famous cowboy and lawman, was born in Kansas on March 19, 1848. He was the deputy marshall of Dodge City in the 1870s. He was also a participant in the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Parents in Kansas may choose Wyatt for their boys to reflect their connection with local history.

Leo, appearing at number ten on the boys' list, has been ranked #107 nationally for the past two years. It was number twelve in Kansas in 2022. Leo is the Latin word meaning “Lion” and also the name of the fifth sign of the zodiac. The name conjures up images of strength and boldness, which might be why Kansas parents use the name more frequently.

Kansas's Top Baby Names for 2023: Boys

1. Liam

Not only was this name the most popular boy's name in 2022, it is the top national name for boys in 2023. It is often used as a shortened form of the name William. From the Irish name “Uilliam” and the Old Germanic name “Wilhelm,” Liam means “strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector.” This name is also frequently used as a shortened version of William.

2. Theodore

The name Theodore is from the Greek term “Theodoros,” which is composed of two elements: Theos” (Θεός), a Greek word that means “God, and Dōron” (Δῶρον) that means “gift.” Therefore, Theodore means “God-given” or “gift from God.” Common nicknames for Theodore include Theo and Ted.

3. Oliver

This name means “olive tree,” which is also the meaning of the name Olivia. Both names have topped the baby name charts for several years running.

4. Noah

Noah is a Hebrew name that means “rest” or “comfort.” In the biblical book Genesis, Noah is a famous figure who builds the Ark to save pairs of every animal and his family from the Great Flood.

5. Henry

Of Germanic origin, Henry stems from the name “Heinrich,” a name that means “ruler of the household” or “lord of the manor.” Henry has been a popular name among English-speaking countries for centuries. No less than eight English kings were named Henry (Henry I through Henry VIII).

Paper sheet with baby name Henry on grey wooden table, closeup
Henry is a classic name that means “lord of the manor” or “ruler of the household.”

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

6. James

Of Hebrew origin, James means “supplanter” or perhaps “one who grabs the heel.” The biblical figure Jacob, known for grabbing his twin brother Esau's heel during their birth, is the source of the name. James is a classic name that has been popular for centuries.

7. Wyatt

Wyatt is an outlier on the national list. The name's popularity in Kansas may relate to the Old West. Wyatt Earp, a famous lawman and gunfighter of the Wild West, is a historical figure associated with the state. The meaning of the name is unclear, but it may come from an Old English word meaning “war” or “warrior.”

8. Elijah

Elijah comes from a Hebrew word that means “God.” It is sometimes interpreted as “Yahweh is my God.” Elijah is a significant figure in the Bible and is revered in several religious traditions, making the name Elijah a popular choice for boys.

9. William

This name has a long history. It comes from the Old High German name “Willehelm,” generally translated as “strong-willed protector.” Liam, the number one baby name, also stems from this Germanic name.

10. Leo

Leo comes from Latin and means “lion.” In the past, it has mainly been a nickname for people named Leonardo or Leopold, but it is now popular as a given name.

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The popularity of the name Wyatt in Kansas may be linked to Wyatt Earp, a legendary cowboy and gunfighter.


Kansas's Top Baby Names for 2023: Girls

1. Olivia

Olivia comes from the Latin word “oliva,” which means “olive.” Olive trees have been symbols of peace; moreover, the association with the olive tree connects Olivia to the concept of peace. Therefore, the name Olivia may also mean “peaceful” or “peace-bringer.”

2. Charlotte

The feminine form of Charles, a name that means “free” or “free man,” Charlotte also means “freedom.” Its long-lasting popularity may be due to the combination of strength and femininity the name conveys.

3. Amelia

Amelia comes from the Latin word “amālia” or “amālis,” which means “work” or “industrious.” This name has been rising in popularity for several years now.

4. Sophia

From the Greek word “Sophia” (σοφία), which means “wisdom,” the name Sophia means “wise” or “wisdom.” Also, Sophia is a popular name throughout history in various cultures and languages. Variations of the name Sophia exist in different languages, such as Sofia in Spanish and Italian, Žofia in Slovak, and Zsófia in Hungarian.

5. Eleanor

Another baby name unique to Kansas this year is Eleanor. The name stems from the Old French words “Alia” or “Aenor,” which means “other” or “another,” and the words Nora” or “Lenora,” meaning “light” or “torch.” Therefore, Eleanor means “the other Aenor” or “light from another source.”

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A popular baby girl name in Kansas, Eleanor means “light from another source.”

©Anna Om/Shutterstock.com

6. Evelyn

From the Old English name “Aveline,” the exact meaning of Evelyn is not entirely clear. However, it is usually interpreted as “desired,” “wished for,” or “pleasant to behold.” Evelyn is a unisex name that has become more popular for girls in recent years.

7. Emma

Meaning “universal” or “complete,” Emma is a popular name, probably due to its simplicity and elegance.

8. Ava

In some languages, Ava is a variation of Eve, meaning “life” or “living.” Ava may also relate to the Latin phrase “Ave Maria,” which means “Hail Mary.” Finally, some believe the name comes from the Latin word “avis,” meaning “bird.” All of these suggest that the name is related to life and freedom.

9. Luna

Luna is the Latin word for “moon.” Therefore, the name means “moon” or “moonlight.” This ethereal name is usually chosen for its mysterious connection to the night sky and its association with beauty.

10. Isabella

A variant of Elizabeth, the name Isabella means “God is my oath.” It is also associated with the Italian word “Bella,” meaning beautiful.

The Moon is the only known Earth's natural satellite. It does not have a formal name other than "moon" (even the Moon), although sometimes it is called Luna (Slavic and Latin for Moon).
Luna, a popular name for girls, is the Latin word for “moon.”


Final Thoughts

In 2023, Kansas's top baby names reveal a blend of popular national names and a few distinctive regional favorites. Names like Emma, Olivia, Liam, and Noah are popular in Kansas and throughout the country. Kansas's most popular baby names are similar to all the state and national lists in 2023.

However, there are a few outliers. Eleanor, meaning “shining light,” is popular in Kansas but ranks lower nationally. Wyatt, a name tied to the state's Western history, appears on the boys' list, emphasizing the state's historical connections to the Old West. Leo, a name associated with strength and boldness, is also popular, suggesting that Kansas parents like names with powerful connotations.

While researching baby name trends is fun and fascinating, trust your instincts. Choose a name that resonates with you and your partner. Remember that choosing a baby name is a personal decision; there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Take your time, enjoy the process, and select a name that holds meaning and significance for your family.

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