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Thisac: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

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Thisac: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

Meet enough people during your life, and you’re bound to meet at least one individual with the last name of Thisac. It’s a unique name with interesting origins, and today, we’ll tell you about the Thisac family name, a little of the history, people who’ve had this surname throughout history, and more.

Thisac Family Name 

According to many origin and background websites like Ancestry.com, surname (last name) were created to sort people into groups. Groups could include places of birth, occupation, patronage, adoption, parentage, and more. A great number of common family names are traced back to Ireland and Britain.

When we look at the voter lists and census data for the Thisac family name, we find folks from a variety of places. Back in the 1900s, there were Thisacs coming from New Zealand, France, Finland, Denmark, and England. There were also many living in the United States of America. The voter rolls show Thisac folks from New York, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Thisacs Through The Years

Though not the most common surname, there have been plenty of Thisac folks over the decades. Going back hundreds of years, we see Jacob G. Du Thisac, born in 1418, Charles Thisac born in 1491, and Jehan Thisac born in 1467. Even back then, the Thisacs lived a fairly long life. Jacob G. Du Thisac passed away in 1500, Charles passed away in 1550, and Jehan passed in 1537. The most recent Thisac, according to Ancestry.com, is Sengphet Thisac, who resided in Elgin, Illinois, in the U.S.

Thisacs Around the World

Marriage certificates and other records tell of Thisacs from other countries around the globe. Renee Ov Du Thisac Bross was married in the United Kingdom back in 1977. There are also records for Ida Thisac, who had her baptism in Quebec, Canada. 

Similar Names

Over the years, you may have met someone who you thought was a Thisac, but it could have been a similar name. The truth is that over time, surnames can change and evolve and become something different. 

Similar names to Thisac include Taisac, which can be a name out of France. Another is Tuisac. The name can also sound the same but be spelled differently, like in the case of Thisach, Thisak, and Tisac, which are all other last names found around the world. 


The Thisac family name has been around for a while, and it has origins from various countries around the world. The next time you meet someone with the last name Thisac, tell them you know all about them!

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